Why I Can’t Get My Gym On

Recently, I had a physical and finally found a doctor in California. It was right around the corner from work and it was an easy in and out—didn’t have to experience that deadly long wait at a doctor’s office. When the doctor called me in she asked me a few questions, the usual, “are you allergic to anything?”, “do any health problems and/or diseases run in your family?” all that boring stuff. Then she asked me to step on the scale so she can get my weight…. I gained 10 lbs. TEN POUNDS.

I didn’t think of the 4th of July cupcakes I enjoyed all by myself or the fact that when I do go to the gym I just chill on the elliptical and watch Bravo because I only get basic cable at home. Nope, instead I questioned the doctor, asked her to check again, then calmly suggested, “Maybe I have a thyroid problem? Or could it be the medicine I was on when I was sick? Wait! I think I am getting my period soon?!” The doctor smiled, probably holding back her laughter, and said, “I think you’ve just have had a stressful last couple months and need to work out…” That. Bitch. But you know what, this time has been stressful. Living in a new state, starting a new job, bills galore… I’m not going to stress over this too. A six pack and a tight ass hasn’t been my main focus and when I’ve tried being more active this is what happened. Just a few struggles I faced when I’ve tried to get my gym on…

  1. I got a trainer, just for one 1 hr. session in attempts to stop watching TV at the gym, but canceled on him 4 times already. Most recently it was because my makeup was on point, the night was young and my face needed to be shared with the world. Sadly, I just hung out at Starbucks blogging. On a positive note, I think the coffee got my heart rate up ;)Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 1.36.52 PM.png
  2. Because my friends at work feel me on the gym struggles, I downloaded this app called Bvddy. Bvddy seemed like a good idea at first because you get to connect with people around you who are interested in working out together. I selected all different activities I’d be interest in. Tennis, volleyball, running… even freaking badminton. Unfortunately, the guys on the app treated it like it was Tinder 2.0, messaging me inappropriate things and chose the sport “other”. I politely responded that I’d rather be fat and hit the gym alone.
  3. I’m sorry, but I kind of blame California. When I lived in NYC I was walking everywhere. That was my workout! Now I’ve become one of those people who drives 2 blocks to get a juice. 50% healthy, 50% still lazy.
    Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 1.59.36 PM.png
  4. This might sound like a lame excuse but I’m sure many girls can feel me on this one. The struggle is real when you have long hair. When I decided to be a good girl and go to LA Fitness after work I realized that I forgot my bobby pins to pull my bangs back and a tight hair tie. If I can’t pull my hair up, god knows my workout isn’t going down. This left me with 2 options, watch Bravo on the elliptical instead of running on the treadmill or go home. Excited to say that I stayed at the gym and that Bethenny Frankel and Sonja are on better terms now. YAYYYY!I’ll have to let these things (aka excuses) not get in the way of my workout routine this month. But for now, it’s much more fun to embrace the real life struggles of hitting the gym :) 


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  1. Hi Dayna, I’ve been reading your blog for a while now but I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading your posts. You’re so honest and fresh. I really look forward to new posts and hearing what is going on with you. It’s like you manage to vocalize what’s going on in my head. Thanks for sharing and I hope things look up soon. Otherwise, I’ll send you some good cupcake recipes :)

    • Thanks for following and for the kind words! Things are definitely turning around but feel free to share those recipes, never know when I’ll need them 😉

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