Why This Was My Last Year At Fashion Week

Before I begin I want to say that I am so incredibly grateful to have had such experiences being backstage at previous fashion shows. I know there are a ton of girls who would love to have been given those opportunities… which is why I am making room for them. This was my last year attending New York Fashion Week.

 My first year at NYFW was in 2010 when I was in college. Since I studied fashion, I was presented the opportunity to work a few of the shows, one being BCBGMAXAZRIA. I remember working the door and feeling so fucking cool… even with my worker’s shirt on. As I was finishing help those find their seats, one of the PR girls was freaking out that two seats in the 2nd row were empty. This doesn’t look good for designers and wouldn’t appear nicely in photos captured of the show. Naturally, a friend and I were happy to fill in the gaps. I recall sitting there next to her and listening to her gasp and afterwards say it was one of the coolest moments of her life. I agreed it was cool, but deep down I really didn’t give a shit. I should’ve know at that moment that maybe fashion isn’t my calling.

Fast forward a few years later when I wrote about the models you should follow on Instagram and featured fun GIFS (or as everyone calls them now, boomerangs) of the models backstage. I wrote these articles because I felt like for those like me, who might not be totally inspired by the latest trends, can at least see that there is more to the women who walk the runway and that’s why I enjoyed being backstage vs watching the shows. Without knowing it at the time, I was starting to transition from a fashion blog to more lifestyle content.

nyfwSince living in California I have worn nothing but Target dresses and rompers. My Kate Spade sweater dress? I sold it. And those Sam Edelman boots you know are just sitting in my closet. Don’t get me wrong, I love dressing up just as much as the next girl! But between the warmer weather and super tight budget, I haven’t felt the need to dress to impress anyone. Then… the chance to attend New York Fashion Week came. Of course, I said yes and was not only excited to see some freaking sweaters and boots… but obviously my family and friends in New York.

The morning of a couple shows I started to feel pretty excited to hop on the good old Long Island Railroad into the city. It felt like old times where I would have to finish my makeup in the bathroom of the station or on the train because I was rushing while leaving the house. Now, I feel a little guilty because I went with the intention to write some cool as shit blog post, but I don’t have anything for you. I snapped a few pics and shared like one on my Instagram but I struggled finding a story worth telling. What I can tell you is if you have FOMO (that stands for fear of missing out mom) trust me, you are probably making more magic and learning more about yourself in that little cubicle at work than you would be attending fashion week.

Fashion Week wasn’t even over and I couldn’t wait to get back to California, throw on my Target romper and get back to work. It was clear that this was going to be my last time attending NYFW… and that’s ok with me.targetromper

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