The 3 Best Wines For Women This Holiday!

As you enter a liquor store with a variety of different alcoholic beverages to choose from, you might have a few thoughts running through your head like,“What will get the elders extremely intoxicated?” … “What would be a treat for my girlfriends on a diet?”… “Think fast, they are starting to judge me for coming here too often!”

Well, instead of settling for the same old Pinot Grigio, why not try something new? If you’ve started to realize that your choice of booze has been hitting the snooze button on your guests the past few years, consider switching it up with these wonderful wines!

Forever Young

Forever Young? I’ll drink to that! My grandma loves her anti-aging cream…lotions…and wine! Therefore, Forever Young wine definitely is the gift to give to her this holiday season.  Forever Young wines are sourced from some of the world’s finest vineyards. The wines have a light and delicate taste that can compliment any dish. Ok, so maybe the concept of being “Forever Young” sounds like a Christmas miracle, but the wine definitely makes for a delightful holiday drink (and I’m pretty sure the “elders” will be pouring themselves a second glass!)

Skinnygirl Wine

Enjoy your friends’ company, without feeling like you have to watch the calories! Bethenny Frankel’s line of Skinnygirl Cocktails aren’t just calorie friendly, they are sure to bring smiles to your girlfriends.  The Skinnygirl line includes red, white, and blush wines and each serving has only 100 calories.

Just Be.

We all deal with a variety of personalities during the holidays; why not pick the perfect wine to match everyone’s persona?  Be wines cater to four stylish personalities to suit a particular mood and style (Fresh Chardonnay, Flirty Pink Moscato, Bright Pinot Grigio, and Radiant Riesling). After taking their personality quiz, the wine that best suited me was Fresh Chardonnay.  (“Ever unnerved by the unknown, you bring a new spin and dash of inspiration to any situation. Your passion for all things new makes you the perfect partner for the crisp palate of Be. Fresh Chardonnay.”) Just what will you Be? Find out here!

It doesn’t matter if the glass is half empty or half full, there is always more room for wine during the holidays!

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