Snow Angels: VSFS 2012

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A little snow…a little sneak peek! Inches of snow piled up outside in the freezing cold as the Victoria Secret Angels lined up backstage to walk this year’s hottest fashion show. The precipitation certainly didn’t kill anyone’s anticipation for the big show. My best friend Lauren Fitzpatrick and I got the inside scoop behind the curtain at the VSFS. Get out your pink robes ladies…it’s show time!


You have the right to remain confident! This Sydney supermodel causes quite a storm when she enters the room! Faces froze backstage as supermodel Miranda Kerr posed for pictures…but it was her warm, positive attitude and genuinely sweet character that makes you melt…

How has having a background in nutrition and health psychology helped you in your modeling career?

I believe in a healthy diet and lifestyle. I think it is important to listen to your body, eat the right foods that make you feel your best. When you feel great that is what will show on stage and in photos.

In your book, Treasure Yourself, you discuss the importance of women believing in themselves. Does confidence help you feel beautiful on stage?

Definitely, when you feel confident on the inside, it shines on the outside. We are all different and beautiful in our own ways and I love how The Victoria Secret Fashion Show celebrates that.

            Lovely Lindsay Ellingson

Dishing about her favorite restaurants in NYC and what makes her feel most fabulous, supermodel Lindsay Ellingson was super bubbly and even more beautiful in person. While getting her lashes on and VS Makeup done, Lindsay chatted with me about her favorite VS products and things to do for fun!

When do you feel you’re most fabulous?

I feel most fabulous when my hair has volume and texture. I love using VS So Sexy Hair for natural luscious waves.

What do you do for exercise and to stay fit?

I recently started Ballet Beautiful, a new company started by a professional ballerina. I think it is important to looking healthy and curvy on the runway. This is not only fun but sculpts and tones my body.

What do you love doing when you have free time?

I think NYC has the best restaurants! I have been enjoying going out and trying new places. I recently went to Fat Radish, which was great!