The Post-Christmas Cleanse

OK, so we were naughty…but hey after Christmas it’s standard to feel more stuffed than a little rich girl’s stocking. We all love to enjoy just as many cookies as Santa Claus, but hate resembling Old Saint Nick, having to put our stretchy pants on. (No those sounds aren’t Christmas Carols, it is the noise of discomfort in our belly’s).

Unfortunately, wishing you had your reindeer’s to carry you around town while you continue to digest isn’t an option. If you are still making sounds of pain that hardly resemble Christmas cheer maybe you need a Post-Christmas cleanse! However, it’s not all about looking slim, but rather keeping your spirits bright and feeling less like Mr. Scrooge. There are three wise women during this time of year who indulge, enjoy, and cleanse, and this is how they do it…

Cleanse your body: Unless you were in the Miss Universe Pageant or Victoria Secret Fashion Show this year you probably haven’t been prancing around in a teeny tiny bikini avoiding temptation and fattening treats. A simple way to cleanse your body is by going green. Incorporate more green tea and green vegetables into your diet while enjoying a workout regime that works best for you. Victoria Secret supermodel, Izabel Gouert stated, “I love having at least just one hour with myself. Having just that one hour to let go during Pilates, or release energy when doing kickboxing makes me feel great. I think it’s important to take that time to just connect with yourself.”

Cleanse your surroundings:Elves aren’t going to do that clean up for you! Lauren Conrad claims her secret to multi-managing projects is by taking things one step at a time. Take small steps to being more organized so that you can be more efficient and productive.Cleansing isn’t all about tightening your tummies…tidying up your surroundings is just as healthy and necessary.In preparation for the New Year, start by cleaning your computer at work or finally clearing out old junk mail. Your computers will run much faster and you will be able to accomplish work much quicker. Remove the stress you feel when opening your packed closet by getting rid of the clothes you are no longer wearing.

Cleanse your spirit: After cleaning your space, don’t just toss your clothes that no longer fit or that you aren’t wearing-donate! Giving back in simple ways can do wonders for our world and truly cleanse our soul. Be sure to also clean out any negativity in your life. The old saying “misery loves company,” remains true. Loren Ridinger once stated, “When cleaning out your things in order to be better organized or more efficient, make sure that includes cleaning out people. We are human, we make mistakes, we sometimes do things unintentionally, but do not allow someone to steal your dreams and be negative.” People cleanse in order to remove any toxins in their bodies. That being said, don’t forget to ditch any toxic relationships in your life.

We are officially taking down our Christmas tree’s…so now it’s up to you to light up the room!

A little peek inside my Christmas!


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