The Post-Christmas Cleanse

OK, so we were naughty…but hey after Christmas it’s standard to feel more stuffed than a little rich girl’s stocking. We all love to enjoy just as many cookies as Santa Claus, but hate resembling Old Saint Nick, having to put our stretchy pants on. (No those sounds aren’t Christmas Carols, it is the noise of discomfort in our belly’s).

Unfortunately, wishing you had your reindeer’s to carry you around town while you continue to digest isn’t an option. If you are still making sounds of pain that hardly resemble Christmas cheer maybe you need a Post-Christmas cleanse! However, it’s not all about looking slim, but rather keeping your spirits bright and feeling less like Mr. Scrooge. There are three wise women during this time of year who indulge, enjoy, and cleanse, and this is how they do it… Continue reading

Carmelo Anthony Product Launch Party

It was 5th grade… I was ecstatic to be part the basketball team and finally my coach put me in. Dribbling down the court I thought I was so cool. Even more of an ego-boost?…I made my 1st basket! My excitement was through the roof until I looked around and wondered why my teammates and coach weren’t as impressed, that’s when I realized, whoops wrong basket! After coming down to earth from my fake triumph I remember thinking to myself , “really, do we have to play by the rules?

Well, I think its safe to say becoming a pro basketball player isn’t in the near future for me, but that doesn’t mean I can’t relate to one. What do me, you, and even Carmelo Anthony have in common? ….our need for vitamins! And surprisingly enough he doesn’t always play by the rules either….