The Queen of Effortless Chic: Interview with Daisy Lewellyn

Blood Sweat and Heels, Daisy Lewellyn, on Discounts, Dresses and of course…Drama!

Style expert and author, Daisy Lewellyn is one of the sassy spitfires on the hit new Bravo series, Blood, Sweat and Heels. She dished to me about discounts, dresses, and of course, drama. Although she has always turned heads, it’s Daisy’s strong sense of self and kind heart that makes her a standout. You will Fall Head Over Heels for this “Queen of Effortless Chic!”

Your real name is Lauren Lewellyn. When and why did you change your name to Daisy?

While growing up, I never followed the crowd; I always wanted to be unique and different. While speaking with my girlfriend one day before we left home to attend Howard University in Washington, D.C., I said “You know what, I want a different name.”  She said she was thinking the same thing. I changed my name to Daisy because I absolutely LOVED Drew Barrymore… and she loved daisies! My girlfriend changed her name to Love. We never filed legal paperwork; this was purely an impulsive move that just took off. At school, we would introduce ourselves to our classmates and professors as Love and Daisy. No one ever questioned us.  Before I knew it, everyone on the East Coast knew me only as, Daisy. Once I started working bi-coastal, I knew the name “Daisy” was here to stay!

How did you get involved with the Bravo series Blood, Sweat and Heels?

The show is produced by Leftfield Productions and they were familiar with my work as a style expert and author, as well as my appearances on various television shows such as Wendy Williams and Dr. Oz. Blood, Sweat and Heels takes a peak into the lives of career women working in New York City. It is a modern day, “Sex and the City.” After they explained the premise of the show, it felt like a great fit. I thought it was an opportunity for people to see what goes on in my life in terms of fashion and that it can be fun, but it’s not all champagne days and Louboutin nights. I also have a very strong work ethic that comes into play. This is a chance for people to have a front row seat to see what actually goes on behind the scenes.

Do you find it uncomfortable having the cameras film your every move?

That is probably the million-dollar question. Honestly, the cameras don’t bother me at all; you actually forget that they are there. Since I have been on a variety of morning TV shows, and filmed segments for different websites, I have become comfortable being in front of the camera.  However, this is totally a different ballgame since it requires shooting all day. It is definitely different than a quick morning show appearance. 

How difficult is the shooting schedule?

We all have a very spontaneous shooting schedule based upon what is going on in our lives. If for example, I let them know that I would be appearing on Wendy Williams in the morning, meeting with my publisher in the afternoon and going on a date in the evening, they could ask to come along.  It’s just about living your life and how they can be part of it.  It’s not difficult, you just have to go with the flow and be flexible.

What kind of drama or difficulties did you experience being on the show?

The show isn’t focused on the drama. I don’t like confrontation and never really had to deal with it. I’ve obviously had conflicts with friends, but I have never come across people who simply don’t like me.  I like peace and harmony, but also want things to make sense. I’m all about growth, so if I did something to you or might have hurt you, I want to be made aware of it. I am constantly working on myself to become a better person. I would rather know what I have done, so I can fix it and learn and grow from it.

Aside from Blood, Sweet and Heels, what other projects have you worked on recently?

I recently launched the digital addition of my book, Never Pay Retail Again. Since almost everyone today is carrying an iPhone or Tablet, I wanted to give people the option to access my book right on their phone.

Do you believe the best things in life are free…or just discounted?

I work in fashion and am quite the consumer.  However, the older I get, I see my friends going through difficult real life situations such as a divorce or losing a family member. It has made me realize that the best thing in life is love. You can have money, great shoes, and designer handbags, but if you have no sense of love for yourself and others, you will feel empty. Love is not just an emotion, its patience, kindness, forgiveness, and is the most fulfilling thing in life. Once you have love the possibilities are endless. Yes, the best thing in life is free!

Changing the subject….Do you think women should invest in quality or quantity?

I highly recommend shopping at stores such as T.J. Maxx or Marshalls because they have designer brands that are quality pieces yet the price points are very reasonable.  This way you get the best of both worlds.

What is your biggest style secret?

When it comes to style you need to take into consideration your own lifestyle. I am a dress girl since I am extremely busy. I’ll wear a chic dress in the winter with tights, a sweater, and pull it together with a belt.  In the summer, I lose the sweater and tights and just slip into some summer sandals. That’s my 60-second style secret.

When it comes to uncovering fashion and consumer tips, Never Pay Retail Again, is filled with a wealth of information.  Fashion trends might come and go, but the style secrets Daisy shares are timeless.
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