STOP RIGHT NOW: 3 Reasons Why Backtracking Is A Good Thing!

Hey you, always on the run…
Gotta slow it down baby, gotta have some fun!

Have you ever felt that you were backtracking? I have come to realize that a step back, or no movement at all may help restore your resilience, therefore, giving you the motivation to move ahead with a newly re-established sense of vigor.  A few wise women once said, “Slow it down, read the sign, so you know just where you are going.” These women are of course the Spice Girls. Obviously, we all would prefer to have the emotional and physical stamina to keep moving forward toward our goals; but when we make quick decisions or rush things, we might only be left with regret later.

So whether you are trying to move forward with your diet, relationship, or your job, you need to realize that all good things take time to cultivate, and a little backtracking might just be the key to getting the results you are looking for!

DIETING: Have your cake and eat it too: Picture this…You recently started what seems to be the perfect diet. Everything is going great; you lost 10 lbs. super fast, and couldn’t wait to wear your spanking new birthday dress. Then, your friends baked you a delicious birthday cake and you caved in; now, you are way over your calorie limit for the day. You feel a massive amount of regret and guilt, because you feel you backtracked. Stop right there. Just chalk up this one day of backtracking as a wakeup call that perhaps you shouldn’t be on a “diet” at all. This is the perfect time to consider simply making more healthy choices in your daily life. Instead of counting calories, count all the changes you can make to bring about the results you are striving for such as exercise, cutting portion sizes and substitute sugary snacks with fruits and vegetables in-between meals. But for today, it’s perfectly fine to indulge and have a cheat day, enjoy your cake, and, of course, have a great birthday.

BOYFRIENDS: For all those ladies who have gone through a terrible break-up and had their hearts broken only to make up with their ex a few months later, you’re not alone; and you’re not wrong. Your situation is made worse when friends make you feel guilty for “running back.” Remember, this is your life, your choice, and it is YOU who has to live with the “what if” possibilities if you don’t go back and see it through. When you are in love, negatives in the relationship often become blurred. Sometimes a girl just has to backtrack to remember why she left in the first place in order to move forward.

CAREER: Huffington Post states, “It’s hard to become the person you’re meant to be when you’re in a stagnant situation.” That being said, it is very easy to get comfortable in a job where you are not necessarily fulfilled. Some people call it their “routine,” but what they are really saying is that they are going through the motions of pursuing a career but ultimately feel uninspired. While you are young, don’t be afraid to take a risk, take the job you are passionate about, and always be open to new opportunities. Starting over most probably will come with a salary reduction, but the long term personal benefits you will gain totally out way this temporary financial backtracking. 

So girls, you may want to give backtracking a chance when you are at a crossroad in life. It will allow you to reflect on where you have been, and give you a whole new perspective on where you are going. Remember, life is a marathon, not a sprint; pace yourself and never compare your rate of speed with others.

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