Signs You’re A Sweet Boss Bitch

Trust me, we’re sincerely sorry we’re not sorry. We have no interest in hurting anyone’s feelings or stepping on one’s toes. We don’t need to “cut a bitch” to get what we want. We aren’t confrontational but we’re not scared of standing up for ourselves either. These are the struggles of being a sweet boss bitch.

We’re always smiling, no resting bitch face here :) This doesn’t mean we aren’t silently judging your offensive words and think you’re a fool. We feel bad for you, in fact, we’re here for you if you want to talk.

Even when we try to give someone a nasty look it’s hard to keep a straight face. Maybe we should just stick to mean emoji’s, like the purple devil or red face emoji! That will show em…


We will politely wait until you finish talking. THEN set the record straight. 

We’re not afraid to be silly or have a little fun on social media. We like to show our true character with #nofilter.


But we can get deep too, so listen up… please

90% of the time, we actually do give AF… but know when to walk away from those who don’t.