Interview With Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Creates A Vitamin You Can Count On

Admit it, ladies. You know you’ve done it: sneaking into your man’s bathroom cabinet to get an inside look as to who he is, what he may be hiding, and where you can sneak in your own things. Well, why not squeeze in something you both can share? Isotonix Champion Blend Plus is the cutting-edge new vitamin created by Carmelo Anthony. This NBA star scores major points for creating a unique vitamin with unlimited benefits for both men and women. FabFitFun spoke with the athlete about his ingenious, healthy creation.

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Carmelo Anthony Product Launch Party

It was 5th grade… I was ecstatic to be part the basketball team and finally my coach put me in. Dribbling down the court I thought I was so cool. Even more of an ego-boost?…I made my 1st basket! My excitement was through the roof until I looked around and wondered why my teammates and coach weren’t as impressed, that’s when I realized, whoops wrong basket! After coming down to earth from my fake triumph I remember thinking to myself , “really, do we have to play by the rules?

Well, I think its safe to say becoming a pro basketball player isn’t in the near future for me, but that doesn’t mean I can’t relate to one. What do me, you, and even Carmelo Anthony have in common? ….our need for vitamins! And surprisingly enough he doesn’t always play by the rules either….