Here’s What Changed In New York

“Hey Dayna, come see how cool the new toilet flushes!” my dad said when I came home for my brother’s 30th and Fashion Week. Some things never change…

When I was in New York I subconsciously was looking for that “ah ha moment” where I’d feel like, this is home and this is why I love NYC.  That would’ve been easier… knowing that one day I’d come back and be closer to my family and friends. But I never had that moment of clarity.

Did you ever have that feeling of excitement coming home from college, that, “it’s good to be home” feeling as you drove around wowed by all the little updates in your town? It felt as though New York and I were growing together and I loved that. But this time was different. I drove around lovely Long Island (sarcasm) and didn’t feel a thing. In fact, the most “exciting” upgrade in my hood was my dad’s new toilet.

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When I met you in the winter

“Be nice or I’ll write about you on my blog”, my instagram bio says. Well, a few nice guys didn’t like this and asked if that meant I only write about the bad ones. I then thought of a couple boys I’ve met and there was one that stood out to me. 

On a chilly winter day I was running late and a little lost in New York City. My phone was dead and I had no shame asking anyone and everyone for directions. I asked a foreigner, of course, and two girls who completely blew me off. That’s when I met him. He told me to follow him, he was taking the B and I was taking the C train uptown. He just moved into the city and we talked about how easy it is to get confused with the subways but I think he was trying to make me feel better.

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What Kind of Commuter Are You?

The reader– Keeping to yourself. You seem so innocent…. oh, Fifty Shades Of Grey, huh?

The music listener– I now have Rihanna stuck in my head because of your obnoxiously loud music coming from your headphones. Perhaps I’m just being bitter because my phone died and I can’t listen to my own music, but common it’s 7 a.m how are you that awake?! Oh nana- not ok.

The sleeper– As long as your not snoring or leaning on me, this behavior is socially acceptable in my book… Just don’t blame anyone but yourself when you miss your stop!

The talker– No one likes you.

The drunk– no one really likes you either… But hey, at least your entertaining.

The makeup artist– I understand you might have been in a rush while leaving the house… but please lord do not spill that bronzer on me.

The eater– The smell of your food is either extremely tempting or nauseating. Please share or wait till you get home.

Even though there are days when the commute can feel deadly, if you just look at the people around you you’ll never feel more alive.