When I met you in the winter

“Be nice or I’ll write about you on my blog”, my instagram bio says. Well, a few nice guys didn’t like this and asked if that meant I only write about the bad ones. I then thought of a couple boys I’ve met and there was one that stood out to me. 

On a chilly winter day I was running late and a little lost in New York City. My phone was dead and I had no shame asking anyone and everyone for directions. I asked a foreigner, of course, and two girls who completely blew me off. That’s when I met him. He told me to follow him, he was taking the B and I was taking the C train uptown. He just moved into the city and we talked about how easy it is to get confused with the subways but I think he was trying to make me feel better.

He said how he was heading home from the gym and I told him that I was meeting a friend at Alice’s Tea Cup. In mid-conversation the train came and so did a storm of people coming out and going in. It was a quick goodbye and I recall getting on that train thinking how we vibed and wondered why he didn’t ask for my number… But then again, he didn’t even know my name! 

A half hour late and freeeezing, I finally made it to Alice’s Tea Cup. The waitress came over minutes later and asked if I just took the C train and met a guy on the way. I was so confused until she gave me a number and said “a guy just called asking if a tall blonde with wavy hair in a red coat was here, I’m assuming that’s you? Did you just meet someone on your way here?” He called three different Alice’s Tea Cups looking for me. 

Well the rest is history! Literally, it went nowhere. What a story it would be to say we dated and fell in love but that never happened. I was seeing someone else at the time but I have to say I’ve never had a boyfriend make that kind of grand gesture. Bad decisions and bad boys make for good stories, but when a guy does something this badass… you never forget it. Totally blog worthy ;)