You’re not schizophrenic; you’re in your 20’s.

16 is sweet, 18 is legal… 20’s are…
Oh our 20s… It’s hard to sum up exactly who you are and what you stand for during these years. What the heck, this is supposed to be a woman’s prime! We’re finally acne free and clear of any awkward phase, however it isn’t that easy to wash away the real troubles we are experiencing. 


 As I approach my 23rd birthday this month I realize how fast my 20’s are going and how much I have changed within the past few years. I think I have easily mastered 20 different personalities, and no, I’m not schizophrenic.  Many of you might think that sounds crazy, but I am sure all you 20 something year old’s can relate. During this time of instability and a world filled of uncertainty we are constantly being challenged and pushed to our limits. These times can make us laugh, cry, scream, and somehow become a certain somebody that helps us get through it all.
Caution: The 20 different personalities’ you may experience during your 20’s… 

1. The optimist


2. The pessimist

3. The workout queen

4. The health nut


5. The partier

6. The lover

7. The workaholic


8. The caffeine/coffee addict

9. The drama queen

10. The free-bird

11. The risk taker

12. The introvertb3c7a80ec895da0ca623586c056f1965

13. The money maker

14. The money spender

15. The dreamer


16. Miss independent

17. Miss congeniality

18. The fashionista

19. The Insomniac


20. The artist


Right now I know exactly who I am and what I want (which might still include some of the traits above), but hey, who knows what tomorrow might bring. 

Are you feeling 22? Does nobody really like you when your 23? Here are a few great songs about being 20-something years old…

5 thoughts on “You’re not schizophrenic; you’re in your 20’s.

  1. so true, I’m 26 and have been all of these things!! In your 20s you are doing a million things at once and it can be fascinating and exhausting.. I try to just go with the flow :)


    • haha! yes, I find its best we deal with all the confusion by embracing it…after all it will only make for a good story in the future.

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