Stassi Schroeder Serves Up A Reality Check

Remember all the dished up drama from Bravo’s reality TV show, Vanderpump Rules? Although there wasn’t any table flipping like we’ve seen on The Real House Wives Of New Jersey, the tables turned once Stassi Schroeder made the decision to excuse herself from Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant, Sur, and therefore leaving the hit show (can you say, check please?!)  Well, I recently caught up with the Fashionista and had my very own reality check. While chatting at the cozy cafe, The Smile, on the Lower East Side, Stassi shared with me how taking a leap of faith and being courageous can result in true happiness. Her move to New York to focus on her new fashion venture had her smiling from ear–to-ear.

How has the transition been for you moving from Los Angeles to New York?
It has been really nice and only solidifies my choice to be here instead of LA.  I have found that New Yorkers are super friendly and open minded, so it hasn’t been difficult to meet new people. It has been so much easier than I imagined it would be to make new friends and develop business relationships.  I also love being downtown, walking to SoHo and creating new experiences!

Can you describe your typical day?
I wouldn’t say that I necessarily have a routine; maybe just a morning schedule that I follow. Since I am now on my boyfriend’s schedule I wake up around 7:30am, catch up on my favorite fashion blogs and then hit the gym for about an hour. My afternoons are usually spent running errands and meeting with different designers and accessory brands. I consider each day to be a new adventure, and don’t have any expectations as I did when I was living in California. I don’t know what lies ahead, but right now I am in the midst of developing my own blog and am very excited about that.

 You seem in such a good place right now. Is it due to your new relationship?
Being in such a healthy and normal relationship makes it easy to be happy. My boyfriend, Patrick, has helped me realize what I am worth and that I deserve happiness. Being with him has helped me find myself, and I am now in this amazing city where I feel very much at home.  I am also finally doing what I have always wanted to do, which is so refreshing, since in Cali I didn’t have all the opportunities that I have now living in NY.

How has your beauty routine changed since moving to New York?
Well, the biggest change has to be that I cut my hair short and have recently found different ways to style it. I am finally getting used to that major change. Also, when it comes to a beauty routine, I have to say my skin is so dry in NY that I definitely need to moisturize much more often than I used to in LA.

What beauty tips do you swear by to get bikini ready for Spring/Summer?
The detox wrap you saw me get on Vanderpump Rules takes about an hour and afterwards you feel like you just had a great work out. It’s so insanely hot and really hard to sit through; but in the end, it’s so worth it. You lose so much water weight; it’s truly euphoric and feels like you spent the day at a spa. Something else I swear by is…SPRAY TANNING! I used to spray tan once a week or 2-3 times a month when I was living in LA, but when I moved here, I realized that people don’t really go tanning. So, I didn’t spray tan for two months, and then I finally gave in and went hunting for a Mystic Tan. Now I feel I am myself just living in NY. I brought the California girl to New York. So to answer your question, definitely get yourself a spray tan…and maybe a good wax!

What fashion and beauty advice would you tell your younger self?
Honestly nothing! I made SO many terrible fashion mistakes growing up. I was Goth at one point in high school then switched to preppy.  It was all awful but it definitely helped me discover who I was and what I like. If anything, I would probably tell my younger self not to wear something just because it is in style. Back then, I would force myself into things that really didn’t fit my body right. Over the years, I have come to realize that you should always pay attention to the fit of the garment and always dress according to your body type. Other than that, I would tell myself to go make all those mistakes because that is how you discover more about yourself, who you are, and what you feel good in! 

Do you believe drama and heartbreak can make you a stronger person?
I’m not been proud of the way I had handled certain dramatic situations on Vanderpump Rules. When I look back at a few moments on the show I think, “Hmm not the best Stassi…” but I feel like since that time in my life, I have gracefully removed myself from the heartbreak, betrayal and drama. I don’t engage in negativity on social media or interviews because I wish everyone the best and I have chosen to do what makes me happy and what feels right. I am really trying to better myself because when you go through experiences like I have, you can get so caught up in it and it becomes your life. I don’t want to live for the drama and also want to stay away from the type of people who enjoy that sort of thing. Honestly, I want to live for myself.

 I am happier now since I stood up for myself, but I have to admit it was difficult saying goodbye to the lifestyle I once had; but I am content knowing that there is another path I need to follow. I am not saying no to TV in the future; however, I need to live my life the way I want it, where I want it, and surround myself with the right people.

What advice would you give to girls who are in an unhealthy relationship?
Every relationship is different and it depends on the situation. I know now that I was in an unhealthy relationship in the past, but I needed to get to the point where I realized it on my own.  At the end of the day, I believe there is no advice you can give someone in a toxic relationship. They need to comprehend what is happening on their own. We all want to be happy and I think women should ask themselves a few simple questions such as, “Does this person make me happy? Is this relationship bringing me more happiness than sadness?” No relationship is perfect, but you are ultimately in a relationship for happiness, and if the person you are with isn’t making you happy, then there is no point in staying with them. 

What about dating?
When it comes to dating, people can make mistakes since every relationship is different. On the show you didn’t see me date, because honestly I don’t like it! I would prefer to be at home with my friends or just watching my Netflix drinking wine and eating good food! 

 How would you break-up with a best friend? How do you let go of a toxic relationship?
I think before you just cut that person out of your life, I would suggest addressing the problem once and if the friendship can’t be fixed, then I would try to avoid them. I would also delete their number from my phone. If the situation is that bad, I would remove myself totally from their circle and wouldn’t attend events and parties if they were going to be there. Removing yourself from an ongoing toxic relationship is so important. It’s not being weak; it’s showing character because you can’t feel good about yourself when you are pretending all the time. It comes with age too; you learn in time what is going to make you feel better about yourself.

 I know you like to work out, but what is your favorite cheat food?
Cheeseburgers! There isn’t a food that I don’t like, but I really love a good cheeseburger from a place that specializes in burgers. Give me a medium rare, blue cheese, bacon burger and all that good stuff! A lot of bloggers take photos of their colorful macaroons, but I will be the one taking a picture of my cheeseburger with my nail-polish, scented candles and accessories next to it.  

 When you are trying to get healthy for summer what foods do you enjoy?
My boyfriend has gotten me into drinking a green juice each morning. I now love juices and have been going to Juice Press, Organic Avenue and Whole Foods.

Can you tell me a little bit about your blog that you are currently working on?
I am working with a web designer right now, and my blog will be fashion focused, but relatable for teens and women. I follow other blogs such as House Of Harper, Damsel in Dior, Song Of Style, and
Pink Peonies just to name a few! However in my blog, I will be highlighting such stores as H&M and Zara along with their affordable items that look just as amazing as designer brands. I really want women to feel good about themselves and relate to the fashionable yet affordable pieces I will be featuring. 

 The truth is this journey called life doesn’t come with a fixed menu. We have to make many choices along the way. Remember, you get what you order; so choose wisely! 

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