Actually, She’s Just Not That Into You.

Thinking back to some of our most beloved rom-com movies I find myself to be somewhat offended by the movie, He’s Just Not That into You. The story seems very sexist to me and, of course, one of the single ladies is played by miss solo herself, Jennifer Aniston. How ironic. A woman who remains not married on and off camera…and written off to be miserable about it. Why is it that we teach women to aspire to marriage but we teach men to aspire to careers? Not everyone wants to get married and marriage shouldn’t be seen as an accomplishment. Did it ever occur to people that maybe Ms. Aniston or us girls aren’t into the guy? That actually, she’s just not that into you…

1. If she’s not drunk texting you.
Exception to the rule: she’s just tipsy, her phone died, she’s in a coma.


2. If she isn’t following you and hasn’t liked ANY of your Instagram pictures.
Exception to the rule: you don’t have a Instagram, your pictures are all WCW, you only have one picture.
1216-2 (1)

3. She takes more than 2 days to text you back… yeah shes definitely  pissed and/or not into you.
The only exception to the rule: She never received your text.


4. She doesn’t smile at you, not even a smirk. 
The exception to the rule: She either lost her job, family member, pet, thinks your into men.
giphy (1)5. She never tries to turn you on. ..even  the shy ones will drop a hint or two. 

Exception to the rule: you just met, she wants to take things slow,  your an idiot and your just not catching on.


6. She chooses her friends over you every time.
Exception to the rule: Saturday night is their tradition…and girls gotta eat Chinese. Out of the box. With her bestie.

All fun aside, perhaps there wasn’t a movie or book made as to why “She’s just not that into you” because some people still aren’t ready to hear that many women aren’t interested in having a relationship at all. That what were “into” is playing the lead role in our lives rather than play the supporting role to a man.