Audrey With The Red Hair

Before I begin, please note this story isn’t about a guy, but rather a twist of fate, a sign that came at the most ideal time. 

I can’t lie. It hasn’t been an easy adjustment this past month. It feels like it’s been the calm AFTER the storm where everything that just happened, on top of being far away from friends and family, has sunk in. This past week I wondered, “what am I doing here in California?!” Sure, the weather is awesome, the food is fresh (sushi everyday please!) and I love my new job and coworkers who helped make this transition easier, though I can’t help but miss home and feel as though nobody here will ever fully understand the heartbreak I just went through.

It was the end of the workday and I opened up to my coworker, Audrey, who I’ve been sharing an office with for over a month. In the short amount of time that we’ve worked together, she has taken me under her wing and although she was new to LA too, she has made the move easier. As if I didn’t like her already, she gave the best advice that made me feel okay to go through my emotions, especially since she knew bits and pieces of my recent breakup.

The following morning she asked me how I was feeling and we were chatting about the struggles and stresses of moving. Between traveling and moving into her new place, I knew Audrey wasn’t getting any shut eye so I asked how her night was and if she was able to catch any z’s. She said not really because she had the craziest dream about one of her exes, which was so random because it was over 6 years ago. I said something along the lines of how I’ve been having weird dreams too, then went to get coffee.

When I came back in smiling with my venti iced latte in hand, I saw Audrey on Facebook and said, “oh you’re looking at my ex?!” thinking she was creeping on my Facebook. We’re all guilty of that so I didn’t think anything of it, plus we were at that level of friendship where we should have been Facebook friends anyway. She responded, “haha, yeah my ex… wait, what?!?!” Yep, the guy I met in New York, left my friends and family for to be with in California, is the same person she was in a serious relationship with 6 years ago in Arizona. It was like a scene straight out of the Parent Trap, where we were both in shock and could not believe it took this long to find out… not to mention the fact if it wasn’t for her having a dream we might’ve gone another few months, maybe even longer before knowing we had this huge part of our lives in common. It goes without saying that zero work was accomplished that morning.

Naturally, we exchanged stories and I learned a few new things that made me sick to my stomach… Like the fact that he has 6 kids and 2 wives. Haha! Just kidding. The information was that extreme but I’ll spare him the embarrassment. Honestly, this made me feel more confident in my decision to move on with my life. I needed that.

Just when I thought no one could ever understand what I went through/still am coping with, I had someone beside me all this time who can DEFINITELY relate. But what’s the real moral of the story? I believe it’s a sign from the universe, telling me that I am exactly where I need to be right now and everything is going to be ok and secondly… be nice to those who you date. It’s a small world ;)

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  1. Dayna,

    This post is soooooooo well written!!!!! Extremely proud of my Granddaughter!!!!

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