Oh My, Oscar Fashion Predictions!

Although I am not a physic and can’t predict who is going to win big at the Academy Awards, I would like to believe that I have the ability to foresee the fashion that might be worn on the red carpet. While all the actresses glow in their gowns, we instantly gush and Google where we can find a similar look for less.  Well, this year I figured I would have some fun and predict the fashion that my favorite Actress’s might wear…Here are my fashion & beauty predictions for The Academy Awards:

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The Victoria Secret Fashion Show takes place each year not just for models to entertain the audience with their outrageous wings and lingerie, but to empower women and prove with just a little bit of confidence and sex appeal we can all feel like an angel! Get out your pink robes ladies…its show time!

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Charity Water Ball 2012

After recent events, I enjoyed sharing the latest fashion, health and beauty tips I picked up along the way. However, last week I attended the Charity Water Ball and met some amazing women who are committed to bringing clean water to those in need throughout the world. They are using their celebrity voice to inspire others to reach out and help those in need. Therefore, you won’t be reading about their latest beauty tips or favorite designer because their passion doesn’t revolve around themselves.

Instead Jessica Stroup, Jessica Lowndes, and Sophia Bush share a common passion for Charity Water, a cause to help people get access to clean and safe drinking water.

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Snow Angels: VSFS 2012

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A little snow…a little sneak peek! Inches of snow piled up outside in the freezing cold as the Victoria Secret Angels lined up backstage to walk this year’s hottest fashion show. The precipitation certainly didn’t kill anyone’s anticipation for the big show. My best friend Lauren Fitzpatrick and I got the inside scoop behind the curtain at the VSFS. Get out your pink robes ladies…it’s show time!

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This past weekend my best friend Cara and I decided to support a good cause while sailing around Manhattan. The Breast Cancer Awareness Beauty Brunch took place on yacht with tarot card readings, sleep remedy treatments, hand and back massages, nails and hair, make-up… and PINK EVERYTHING. The giftbags were filled with other beauty goodies and giftcards such as a free juice from one of my favorite places in NYC, Organic Avenue.

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Marist College Dress for Success Fashion Show!

Dress for Success is a worldwide non-profit organization that was founded in 1997. The mission of Dress for Success is to support disadvantaged women by providing them with professional attire and the help when finding a job and staying employed.

It takes more than just having a great resume and a college education to get a job these days. Students can only benefit when given advice and tips on what to wear on their interview. Let’s face it, a person’s first perception of you is based on how you look. The Marist Dress for Success helps you prepare for interviewing for an internship or a potential job, providing you with tips and tricks you would have never thought of!

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Victoria Secret Fashion Show

I don’t know if it’s the delicious smell of hot chocolate and gingerbread lattes, the joyful jingles we hear while shopping, or the glistening lights and decorations, but everyone seems to be a bit more cheerful during this time of year. Fathers all over are smiling with relief that their daughters now have no choice but to put on three layers of clothing before leaving the house.

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