STOP RIGHT NOW: 3 Reasons Why Backtracking Is A Good Thing!

Hey you, always on the run…
Gotta slow it down baby, gotta have some fun!

Have you ever felt that you were backtracking? I have come to realize that a step back, or no movement at all may help restore your resilience, therefore, giving you the motivation to move ahead with a newly re-established sense of vigor.  A few wise women once said, “Slow it down, read the sign, so you know just where you are going.” These women are of course the Spice Girls. Obviously, we all would prefer to have the emotional and physical stamina to keep moving forward toward our goals; but when we make quick decisions or rush things, we might only be left with regret later.

So whether you are trying to move forward with your diet, relationship, or your job, you need to realize that all good things take time to cultivate, and a little backtracking might just be the key to getting the results you are looking for!

DIETING: Have your cake and eat it too: Picture this…You recently started what seems to be the perfect diet. Everything is going great; you lost 10 lbs. super fast, and couldn’t wait to wear your spanking new birthday dress. Then, your friends baked you a delicious birthday cake and you caved in; now, you are way over your calorie limit for the day. You feel a massive amount of regret and guilt, because you feel you backtracked. Stop right there. Just chalk up this one day of backtracking as a wakeup call that perhaps you shouldn’t be on a “diet” at all. This is the perfect time to consider simply making more healthy choices in your daily life. Instead of counting calories, count all the changes you can make to bring about the results you are striving for such as exercise, cutting portion sizes and substitute sugary snacks with fruits and vegetables in-between meals. But for today, it’s perfectly fine to indulge and have a cheat day, enjoy your cake, and, of course, have a great birthday.
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Unspoken Work Rules For The New Girl

We have all had bosses who have disclosed WAY too much information about their personal life…but hey, to be honest who doesn’t love that? It shows that behind their sometimes unrealistic expectations and high demands, they have a real life outside the office also. Let’s face it, it’s always nice to share a good laugh and have an opportunity to bond. Unfortunately, that kind of bonding can often backfire. If you want respect in the workplace, it is best to keep your mouth zipped. That doesn’t mean you can’t listen and continue laughing, just be smart as to what you share in the conversation.

You better buckle-up if you choose to have too many TMI talks with your boss since what is said at work stays at work, and anything you say could be held against you during meetings or yearly reviews. This is an unspoken work rule that we should all know before entering the “the real world”.

Here are some other rules to know before your the new girl at the office…

1. Never admit you’re tired. Once you say those words, it could infer that you may
not be able to handle the job, schedule, or that maybe you have other issues that you
will soon be bringing to work. “I’m so tired today,” is a common phrase we all use in
the moment; but your boss isn’t going to offer any sympathy…or a nap time. Just
tuck it away and tuck yourself into bed earlier.

2. Pace yourself. This isn’t college where it’s normal to chug two energy drinks at your desk in order to be productive. This is your new reality, so you really need to pace yourself since this isn’t how life is going to be for just a semester. If you can, try to catch up on your sleep on the weekends, and on days you feel you have the energy to stay late at the office, go for it, but just don’t overdue. Reserve some of that energy since you don’t want to feel sleep deprived the next day.image

3. Don’t send novel long e-mails. 15 minutes after receiving an e-mail from your boss, you finally complete your most professional e-mail to send back!! Of course, disappointment sets in when you get the response, “OK, thanks.” Next time just make it simple and to the point.

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Pinkies Up at Alice’s Tea Cup!

You’re invited to my favorite tea spot in NYC! There are a spoonful of reasons why tea is good for our health, mind, and beauty that it’s almost worth celebrating. Party-poopers and skeptics who claim they don’t drink teas are seriously missing out because Alice’s Tea Cup has the longest list of tea to satisfy anyone’s taste buds and an atmosphere that can sweeten your day…(um hello perfect place for single ladies on Valentine’s Day)

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The 10 Hidden Life Lessons In Legally Blonde

 One of Reese Witherspoon’s most memorable roles was her portrayal of Elle Woods in the uplifting girl-power inspiring film, Legally Blonde. This classic chick-flick has hidden life lessons that are valuable to every blonde, brunette, or red-headed female out there! Here are the top 10 hidden life lessons in Legally Blonde…

1. “It’s impossible to use a half-loop stitching on low-viscosity rayon. It would snag the fabric. And you didn’t just get it in – I saw it in the June Vogue a year ago. So if you’re trying to sell it to me for full price, you’ve picked the wrong girl.”- Elle Woods
Lesson: Don’t let others take advantage or walk all over you.

 2. “There LSATS are an exam…girls, I’m going to Harvard!” –Elle Woods
Lesson: At some point in life, your friends might not understand why you have made certain choices. That certainly doesn’t make them awful people or friends. Not everyone is going to understand or agree with every decision you make in life. All that truly matters is that they support and believe in you as you explore your new venture.

 3. “Are you free? It’s an emergency!” -Elle Woods
Lesson: Take time to rejuvenate, gain clarity, so you have a fresh, new and positive perspective on life.  Talk it out, and release a few tears before heading back to the problem and facing it head on. If all else fails, indulging in a killer makeover can’t hurt!

4. “Oh my God, the bend and snap works every time!”
Lesson: Have confidence! There will always be that boy or two that will make you super shy and nervous. As Elle would say,“You have all the equipment you just need to read the manual!” Carry yourself with poise, confidence, and when in doubt flaunt what you got!

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What Kind of Commuter Are You?

The reader– Keeping to yourself. You seem so innocent…. oh, Fifty Shades Of Grey, huh?

The music listener– I now have Rihanna stuck in my head because of your obnoxiously loud music coming from your headphones. Perhaps I’m just being bitter because my phone died and I can’t listen to my own music, but common it’s 7 a.m how are you that awake?! Oh nana- not ok.

The sleeper– As long as your not snoring or leaning on me, this behavior is socially acceptable in my book… Just don’t blame anyone but yourself when you miss your stop!

The talker– No one likes you.

The drunk– no one really likes you either… But hey, at least your entertaining.

The makeup artist– I understand you might have been in a rush while leaving the house… but please lord do not spill that bronzer on me.

The eater– The smell of your food is either extremely tempting or nauseating. Please share or wait till you get home.

Even though there are days when the commute can feel deadly, if you just look at the people around you you’ll never feel more alive. 


Garden of Dreams Largest Refurbished Project To Date

About a month ago I covered the Garden of Dreams Talents Show, which was hosted by, MSG Knicks’ reporter, Jill Martin and Fuse news anchor, Matte Babel. Then, on May 9, 2013 The Garden of Dreams Foundation unveiled its largest refurbished project to date! Renovations to The Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital included new ceilings, lighting, wall protection, flooring, as well as fresh painted walls.


Hank Ratner, president and CEO, The Madison Square Garden Company and Chairman of Garden of Dreams stated, “The Garden of Dreams is the most meaningful thing we do at The Madison Square Garden Company, and it has been an honor to have the New York Presbyterian/Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital as one of our partners for the past three years. Our goal with Garden of Dreams is to bring the magic of Madison Square Garden to the children who need it most and we are grateful for this opportunity to support the Hospital’s amazing work by creating an uplifting space that will both inspire and comfort the thousands of extraordinary children who visit the Center each year.”

Kevin Hammeran, senior vice president and chief operating officer of New York-Presbyterian/Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital added, “This gift for the Children’s Diagnostic Radiology Center has made possible the enhancement of a physical space in a lively way that promotes healing and comfort. We are grateful to the Garden of Dreams for this wonderful gift, and for its ongoing activities to bring joy to our pediatric patients and their families.”   

The newly remodeled space now offers a more comfortable and family-friendly atmosphere for the 11,500 children who visit the hospital each year from sports-related injuries to life threatening diseases.  Here are a few shots and video clips inside the ribbon cutting at the Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital!

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**For more information and to find out how you can help The Garden of Dreams foundation click here

or click here to make a donation to the foundation

You’re not schizophrenic; you’re in your 20’s.

16 is sweet, 18 is legal… 20’s are…
Oh our 20s… It’s hard to sum up exactly who you are and what you stand for during these years. What the heck, this is supposed to be a woman’s prime! We’re finally acne free and clear of any awkward phase, however it isn’t that easy to wash away the real troubles we are experiencing. 


 As I approach my 23rd birthday this month I realize how fast my 20’s are going and how much I have changed within the past few years. I think I have easily mastered 20 different personalities, and no, I’m not schizophrenic.  Many of you might think that sounds crazy, but I am sure all you 20 something year old’s can relate. During this time of instability and a world filled of uncertainty we are constantly being challenged and pushed to our limits. These times can make us laugh, cry, scream, and somehow become a certain somebody that helps us get through it all.
Caution: The 20 different personalities’ you may experience during your 20’s… 

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Look Who’s Laughing Now.

tumblr_mf4zp7NPVc1rgguono1_500It has been about a week since Jennifer Lawrence fell at the Oscars and it is still being discussed in the media. Whether people feel sorry for her, or they make a cruel joke about the incident, I am afraid this moment might haunt the actress for a long time. However, as the saying goes “It’s not how you fall, rather how you get back up.” I believe Jennifer has already taken the high road and has moved forward (after all she did walk away with an Oscar). Proving that no one is perfect, not even a model, I collected a few stumbles and slips on the runway, showing that we all have embarrassing moments from time to time!

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