The Victoria Secret Fashion Show takes place each year not just for models to entertain the audience with their outrageous wings and lingerie, but to empower women and prove with just a little bit of confidence and sex appeal we can all feel like an angel! Get out your pink robes ladies…its show time!

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Charity Water Ball 2012

After recent events, I enjoyed sharing the latest fashion, health and beauty tips I picked up along the way. However, last week I attended the Charity Water Ball and met some amazing women who are committed to bringing clean water to those in need throughout the world. They are using their celebrity voice to inspire others to reach out and help those in need. Therefore, you won’t be reading about their latest beauty tips or favorite designer because their passion doesn’t revolve around themselves.

Instead Jessica Stroup, Jessica Lowndes, and Sophia Bush share a common passion for Charity Water, a cause to help people get access to clean and safe drinking water.

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Interview With Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Creates A Vitamin You Can Count On

Admit it, ladies. You know you’ve done it: sneaking into your man’s bathroom cabinet to get an inside look as to who he is, what he may be hiding, and where you can sneak in your own things. Well, why not squeeze in something you both can share? Isotonix Champion Blend Plus is the cutting-edge new vitamin created by Carmelo Anthony. This NBA star scores major points for creating a unique vitamin with unlimited benefits for both men and women. FabFitFun spoke with the athlete about his ingenious, healthy creation.

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The 3 Best Wines For Women This Holiday!

As you enter a liquor store with a variety of different alcoholic beverages to choose from, you might have a few thoughts running through your head like,“What will get the elders extremely intoxicated?” … “What would be a treat for my girlfriends on a diet?”… “Think fast, they are starting to judge me for coming here too often!”

Well, instead of settling for the same old Pinot Grigio, why not try something new? If you’ve started to realize that your choice of booze has been hitting the snooze button on your guests the past few years, consider switching it up with these wonderful wines!

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Snow Angels: VSFS 2012

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A little snow…a little sneak peek! Inches of snow piled up outside in the freezing cold as the Victoria Secret Angels lined up backstage to walk this year’s hottest fashion show. The precipitation certainly didn’t kill anyone’s anticipation for the big show. My best friend Lauren Fitzpatrick and I got the inside scoop behind the curtain at the VSFS. Get out your pink robes ladies…it’s show time!

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Trendy Tricks for Halloween

That’s it, you made up your mind…sexy mouse it is! As you make your way to the register to pay for the Halloween costume, you do a double take at the overpriced scary price tag and wonder is this some sort of trick?! That’s when the party animal in you suddenly dies and you leave Party City empty handed… It’s true; Halloween is about dressing up and going all out creating the perfect look. However, there is no need to go into debt for an overpriced costume which will probably be worn once.

Thankfully, we can combine some of the trends shown on the runways during Fashion Week with the contents of our own closets to create a one-of-a-kind fabulous costume. Saving money will make your Halloween that much happier and a true treat! Although, the best treat of all is that you may actually be able to wear this “costume” more than once!

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Interview With Lauren Conrad: Comfortable In Her Own Shoes!

Lauren Conrad hasn’t followed in many of her former co-stars’ footsteps. Instead, she continually finds a way to put her best foot forward and rise above the reality television star stereotype. L.C. gave us a stylish and classy reality check on how to handle the business and get your foot in the door in the industry. Let’s take a step in the right direction, shall we?

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